Change for People

We want Change for Good to make a difference in the lives of many people, both locally within Australia and globally. We believe there are many changes that can be made to enable people to lead richer lives. As part of our plans, we want to help people directly and indirectly, through a mixture of campaigns, and supporting charities that support people.  

People encompasses so many different elements, and so we are committed so helping people in many different sectors, including, mental health, poverty and homelessness, human rights, worker rights, and more.

93% of surveyed brands aren’t paying garment workers a living wage.

Our future plans include helping people locally by providing support to Australian charities, in the form of grants that help to fund projects that support people, as well as grants for charities, where we will offer free merchandise for small charities that will allow them to showcase and promote their charity. We will also offer generous not for profit discounts.

We will create engaging campaigns that highlight human rights issues in the world, bringing awareness to pressing topics that need addressing. As part of our commitment to people, we want to offer employment, volunteer and internship opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds to assist in the process of getting back into the workplace by offering a safe, nurturing work environment where new skills can be learned.


As clothing is a huge part of our future as a charity, we also think it’s especially important to address the issues that are faced in the clothing and manufacturing industry, particularly by women and children. These issues include people living below the poverty line, lack of education, and health issues that people are exposed to through pesticides and other chemicals in conventional farming.