Change For Good Foundation was set up with the intent of positive changes in our world.

The idea for Change For Good came about whilst we were looking at creating a t-shirt brand that was not-for-profit, as we saw the benefit of creating a brand that was ethical, environmentally friendly and used its profits for good! As we looked into this further we knew that creating our own charity would be a great way to use the profits of Conscious Threads to make changes in the world, and that is how Change For Good was formed. 

The Future:

We are just at the beginning of a very long journey of making a difference!  Below is a list of what we want our charity to do in the near future.

We want to help other charities by giving grants to charities that help people, the planet (environmental), and animals! We also plan on working with charities down the line to produce ethical, sustainable t-shirts for them!

We plan to help people by supporting and campaigning for causes that champion people’s rights and give people access to a fairer future. We believe that everyone is entitled to a wage that allows them the freedom to access basic human rights, education, and housing!

As we grow as a charity we also plan to help local Australians by offering job and internship opportunities to people who need the opportunity to have a fair chance in life!

We want to leave behind a planet that is sustainable and livable for generations to come. In order to achieve this we plan to support environmental charities with grants. We also plan to campaign on environmental issues, and to support sustainable clothing through our t-shirt brand and printing service Conscious Threads.

Animal rights and welfare is a cause that is close to our hearts, and so we plan to partner with animal rights and welfare charities to offer grants in this space! We know that small animal sanctuaries also need all the help they can get, and want to provide wholesale t-shirts to animal charities.  We also want to create campaigns that highlight animal rights and welfare issues that advocate for change.