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Our Core Beliefs

We believe positive change for all brings about a better world.


Wouldn't the world be a better place if there was more kindness? That's what we believe, and we hope to achieve this through our campaigns, and helping other charities that promote the values we hold.


In order to prevent major damage to the planet, we all need to live more sustainably, including buying more sustainable products, and by not emitting as much waste and damaging pollutants to our environment.


We believe in a fairer world, where everyone can have access to basic human rights without living in risk of adverse conditions. We believe animals should be protected, so that every kind can flourish in the world.

Planting Seeds

Although we're all for planting actual seeds, we're speaking figuratively! Small changes can make a big impact, so let's start by planting some seeds.

conscious threads

Ethical fashion that makes a difference

Conscious Threads is a social enterprise fully owned and run by Change for Good Foundation. Conscious Threads provides ethical wears htat help fund Change for Good initatives, whether you want a stylish shirt that  shows you care, a cafe owner wanting uniform for your staff or a chairty wanting to fundraise  with ethical tshirts.


At Change for Good we believe the environment is kind of important and worth enhancing and protecting. Click this section to find out more about the changes we want to see for the environment and why this matters.


There are almost 8 billion people on planet earth, and every one of us are important. Human rights, equality and safety should be a right not a privilege. Find out more about the changes we want to see for the people.


Animals have the capacity to feel just as humans do but don’t have a voice or a choice. Find out why Change for Good believes it is important to improve animal rights and what changes we want to see happen.


Social Enterprises


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote positive change in the world. We plan to help people, Animals and the environment by supporting and campaigning for causes that champion changes that bring about a better world. We strongly believe that small changes that people make can have a huge positive impact on the world.

Our Social Enterprises are launching soon!

Our Social enterprises provide Funding for our Campaigns and Programs whilst also promoting Positive changes themselves. As they grow we intend to provide employment and educational opportunities to those who need them most.
Conscious Threads
Good News
Conscious Cards
Small changes can make a big impact.

Our campaigns launching soon!

Change for good will be running regular campaigns that promote changes that make the world better for People, Animals, The Natural Environment and other charities.

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